Global View A graph is a pictorial representation or a diagrammatical illustration of a set of data or values in an organized manner. The points on the graph often represent the relationship between two or more things. About our Graph MEDIA AP has been at the forefront of Sharepoint solutions since 2015. Our SP Reporting …

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Global View The tooltip is a contextual help message that appears when the user needs help. In its usual use, when the user sees a graphical element where this function is activated, an explanatory (help) text appears, giving information about the function of the graphical element. French version English version About our Tooltip …

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Webinar Microsoft Teams

In the current context where the continuity of your activities is essential, we offer you a Webinar on the functionalities of “Microsoft Teams”, the platform dedicated to teamwork. During this Webinar, we will share with you practical information on how to work in collaboration, make your exchanges more fluid and gain efficiency. To find out …

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