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The tooltip is a contextual help message that appears when the user needs help. In its usual use, when the user sees a graphical element where this function is activated, an explanatory (help) text appears, giving information about the function of the graphical element.

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About our Tooltip

The Tooltip is an extension used to display tooltips on SharePoint pages.

The purpose of the tooltip is to guide users of the site and allow them to discover basic or personalized functionalities.

The site administrator configures the display of tooltips. He defines the HTML settings on which the tooltip will be displayed.

In a “TooltipList” list, the administrator defines the title, the text, the button’s text, the position of the tooltip and its displayed order (Note that the display order can be changed at any time).

Tooltip product

The tooltip can be considered a real-time assistant and can therefore replace SharePoint training.

A “Help” button is displayed at the bottom of the page and allows the user to review the tooltips at any time

Help Button
All this has a single purpose, to make it easier for users to navigate and to make the platform simpler and easier to use.
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