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Project: Intelligent Document Migration and Classification

A large company in the financial sector has decades of document archives, ranging from contracts and agreements to internal communications and regulatory documents. These documents are stored in both physical and digital form, spread across multiple systems and locations. The company is looking to consolidate, modernize and facilitate access to this information while ensuring compliance and security.

Objectives :

  1. Migrate all documents to a centralized cloud platform.
  2. Use artificial intelligence to automatically classify documents according to content and relevance.
  3. Ensure fast and efficient document retrieval for employees.
  4. Guarantee regulatory compliance and data security.

Project steps :

Assessment and preparation: Identify and assess existing document sources, estimate the amount of data, identify document formats and prepare a migration strategy.

Migration: Use automated tools to transfer documents to a secure cloud platform, such as Microsoft SharePoint. Ensure data redundancy and backup.

AI processing:

Use AI models to read and understand document content.
Automatically classify documents into categories such as “Contracts”, “Internal Communications”, “Regulatory Documents”, etc.
Detect and mark documents containing sensitive or confidential information for appropriate management.

User interface:

Develop an intuitive user interface enabling employees to search, access and collaborate on documents. Integrate AI-powered advanced search features for accurate and relevant results.

Compliance and security:

Ensure that all documents are stored in compliance with local and international regulations.
Implement security protocols to ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized persons.
Use AI to continuously monitor and report any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Training and adoption: 

Organize training sessions for employees, familiarize them with the new system and ensure they are comfortable with the new features.

Results The company now benefits from fast, secure access to its documents, improved regulatory compliance and increased efficiency thanks to AI-powered classification and search. What’s more, the costs associated with managing and storing physical documents have been significantly reduced.

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