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Designers work together and respond quickly and iteratively to customers’ inquiries
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A flexible model with scalability according to project needs, relying on the best experts in the field.
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Agile collaboration is part of our DNA. Our flexible offers allow us to intervene on a monthly basis.
We support our clients in the deployment and security of the Office 365 platform. A strong experience in migration allow us to recover all your users and data.
Through my different experiences, I have been happy to co-construct transformation projects. With my double hat as a consultant in project management and collaborative tools, I am passionate about collaborative solutions and user-oriented business solutions. This is Media-ap's philosophy today: Smart, Simple, Solution
Ghadir Saadé
Ghadir Saadé
Founder / Portfolio manager

We will define the need together. A free workshop is carried out to challenge obstacles and find solutions together: