Boosting the adoption of O365


We are O365 experts thriving in change management. We proceed with agility, adapting to different obstacles and environments in order to provide you with the best possible support throughout the implementation of your collaborative projects on Office 365 applications and uses.

We proceed in an agile way, adapting to the different constraints and environments in order to provide you with the best possible support in the implementation of your collaborative projects on Office 365 applications and uses.

Our Approach

Lead the change with the ADKAR method, prepare the parry for change. To do this, we propose 5 successive steps to raise the success rate of your projects:


We prepare communication campaigns with you to spread awareness among your employees about the different O365 tools. We aim to involve them all in order to gain their support for the proposed activities.

2.Personae approach

We identify profiles and study usage through scenarios to see how you can streamline collaboration and communication throughout a typical user's day.

3. Workshops

The preparation phase towards the adoption of O365 is essential. We offer a smooth transition as we invite end-users to business workshops in order to discuss specific use cases.

4. Trainings & webinars

Discover Office 365 tools during the diversified training sessions, whether in person or remotely, to introduce you to functionalities and illustrate uses.

5. Support

We offer you a support kit (User sheets/ Newcomer kit/ e-learning platform/ Chatbot) to guide you through the transition and keep your employees up to date on O365 tools.

Key Figures

+ 0 Users
Trainings aim to help users familiarize with O365 tools through practical use cases.
+ 0 h of training
Guiding users through the functionalities of O365 tools and sharing good practice of security and use.
+ 0 Activities
We offer a variety of activities for O365 tools so they are no longer a secret for you.
Through my different experiences, I have been happy to co-construct transformation projects. With my double hat as a consultant in project management and collaborative tools, I am passionate about collaborative solutions and user-oriented business solutions. This is Media-ap's philosophy today: Smart, Simple, Solution
Ghadir Saadé
Ghadir Saadé
Founder / Portfolio manager

We will define the need together. A free workshop is carried out to challenge obstacles and find solutions together: